Telecom Wireless grand rapid, Rip off and Identity Theft

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When I was signing a one year contract with T-Mobile through Telecom Wireless.I wanted a family plan with 700 minutes, however, the agent tricked me into getting a 1000 minutes saying that there were more benefits in this plan.

They also guaranteed that it will be switched back to 700 minutes after the second months. I trusted in them knowing that my plan was still a one year contract. When my contract was about to expire, I contacted the T-Mobile customer services to confirm. However, they told me that there was a note confirming that I approved to switch back to 700 minutes.

I was very shock knowing that I did not made such call. Later, I went to Telecom Wireless and explained to them regarding situation. After a big confrontation, they admitted that they made the call in using my identity to switch the plan. In addition, they told me that they already explained all this details including the extension in the contract.

I know two extra months of bills is not a big deal paying it, however, what really ticked me off was their bad business services on top of impersonate my identity. This I believed would be consider an identity theft.

Anonymous Grand rapid, Michigan


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It sounds to me like they did exactly what you wanted.

I'm positive that they jerked you around, because they were very well known for doing that, however, you wanted 700 minutes, they talked you into 1000 minutes for 2 months and promised that you would be switched back, which it did.. It might have been done under some shady business practices, but I don't think that it constitutes "identity theft" because it had no ill effect on your credit rating, nor your personal well being.

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